Mother 6 - the Italian Translation is finally coming to Fortnite!

Hi gentlemans, gals, and nonbinary people of the internet! Today i uploaded an italian translation of the spiritual experience that is Mother 6... Yep! From now on i will try to make my game available to anyone and don't have those stupid language barriers that could stop certain people from playing my project, so... if you wanna a translation of my game in your language, once i will release v1.2 you can contact me here on Discord, so that we can work together to make my dream come true and expand the Mother 6 religion fandom even more: EzBound#7008.


EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.1 - in Italian
Mar 12, 2022

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P.S. Whoops! I translated only the game, and not the included text files with the controls... Let's see if i can fix it quickly.

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Okay! Fixed! Now i only have to upload it. Edit: why my computer lags just now that i have to make a small fix quickly?!?

Wow! Yahoo! I upload it, and... why did i make a thread of comments about this when i could have just edited the Devlog?!?