A downloadable Super Lucky's Tale for Windows

Prepare to destroy Porky Pork once again! Now with multiple characters to choose from, like: Gordon Freeman, Mega-Man, Vault-Boy, Duster, Kumatora, Jeff, Ness, Nefarious, Madeline from Celeste, Omori from Super Mario Maker 2, Goku from Onegai Muscles Darling in the Franxx, Eminem, Gitaroo Man and many more!

Jokes apart, the game contains an high level of spoilers for the mother series as a whole, be sure to have played atleast Mother 2/EarthBound and Mother 3 before downloading the game.

==03/20/2022 or 20/03/2022 if you're not from America==

All of the stuff i've written under here is still true (yup, you can do the extra routes in v1.2 too), expect the adviced version in wich you have to play the game, why? Because now with the v1.2 Update the game is even more fleshed out and epic! So, if you wanna play the ultimate experience you have to download the latest version of the game. Don't believe me? Check the recent devlog for more details (and if you already checked it, check the devlog twice just to make sure the Devil May Cry was 5th or some shit).

==03/12/2022 or 12/03/2022 if you're not from America==

v1.1 Update, what it's about? Let's say that game felt a bit... incomplete, short and lacking of content, so i worked for 1 hour each day since the 6th of March (2022) to program two new routes: Fortnite Route and Weird/Snowgangsta Route. Oh! And i also added: Fullscreen Mode, a text file with a complete list of Controls, code that let's you take a Screenshot of the game, a better font for the text-boxes, and many new improvements that makes the game even better to play and ESPECIALLY to look at. So don't download Version 1.0, unless you are really curious to see how the game was before it's GLOW UP, or you are simply bored and want to do something quirky and wacky.

HOW TO GET THE EXTRA ROUTES: I highly recommend you to play the game normally before doing all of this! Because, i feel the other routes and endings makes more sense if you played the game how it should be played first.

* Fortnite Route: yes, there is a Fortnite Route in my game, don't ask me why of that and why i added it to the game. So, to unlock it insert "Fortnite" as your gender then reach the point of the game where there is the Ropeway map, then go down, trigger the usual cutscene, and sbadabam! you will be teleported to another place and you can do the Fortnite-Fortnitey route or something.

* Weird/Snowgangsta route: as for anything that is in my project,  don't ask me why of that and why i added it to the game! So, to unlock it you have to interact with the doors on the building placed in the Ropeway map for 20 times (the ones that makes Elden Ring related dialogs appear once you touch it), and sbadabam! you will be in the Snowgangsta route in no time!


==03/7/2022 or 7/03/2022 if you're not from America==

About the italian translation: remember when i wrote "Italian version coming when my teachers will stop giving me 300 assignments to do for tomorrow. 1255-4974-0514" some days ago? Well, now i have more free time, that i would prefer to spend hanging out with my friends instead of translating this project, so, unfortunately... all of those random italian people (myself included obviously) that know about this game and live in the beautiful country know as Italy need to wait some days or maybe weeks... in short... U' calippo te piace? E pigliateh!


EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.0 - in English.zip 71 MB
EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.1 - in English.zip 128 MB
EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.1 - in Italian
EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.2 - Multi Language

Install instructions

WARNING! Be sure to download the RTP (Run-time package) for RPGMaker VX Ace from "https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/run-time-package" before downloading the game or else a thunder will destroy your house (Mother 3 reference).

Also available on

Development log


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It took me to My Singing Monsters

Well, what did you expected, that i really uploaded a game based on a Nintendo IP on the Play Store?


That was wonderful, by the way. Short and sweet.
If a game of this tone and quality was over 2 hours long, I don't think my body could take it.


Extracting from the .zip file ruins certain filenames. Unfortunately, the title screen music is one of them.
I was able to re-edit the filenames, but maybe you should edit the filenames and RPG Maker project before zipping

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Thanks for your advice! I will implent it in the next update, with other bug fixes too.