Mother/EarthBound 6 - v1.2, The Godfather of All Versions.

STAY TUNED! More languages other than Italian and English will be added in the future!

Welcome back people of the Internet with another Funny Devlog by EzBound himself! This time, we are going to take a look at the v1.2 Update, one of the updates that took me the longest to complete, why? Well, you'll see by scrolling this funny page inspired by The Big Bang Theory! WARNING: I'm not affiliated with Bandai Namco, Gearbox Software, Valve, Shigesato Itoi, APE, Game Freak, Chimera Labs LLC, Nintendo, Joe Biden, Omocat and other people that have the rights of this series, my project is just a letter of love for the series, and it is and will always be free!

Did you ever thinked "Holy fuck! I'll rather get my ass fucked while watching The Grinch than download the game two or more times just to play in another language", well, this is no longer the case thanks to the beautiful script of Holy87 and my hard work in putting this version of the game together, now you will only have to select in wich language to play the game and erase the "Data.rvdata2" file whenever you want to change the language used mid-game. Cool isn'it? Well prepare because...

I added new epic and strange areas into the game that will blown your mind!

The long awaited Battle Memory!

 And this dude from DELTARUNE for no reason at all!


EarthBound 6 - Ver. 1.2 - Multi Language
Mar 20, 2022

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